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Welcome to the Important ppl and sponsers page!!!

Hey! First of all, I want to welcome you to the important ppl and sponsers page. Second of all, I want to tell you what ppl means. It is an abbreviation or Instant message language/word. It means people! So.. these are important people that help us by having websites that we go on to help make this is fun buisness website instead of a boring one! Or... people or buisnesses that help animals and our buisness!!! So feel free to look at stuff and go on the websites if they provide one.

Veterinary Clinics, Spa, and Hotels

The links you see here are for Veterinary Clinics and Spas for pets in California.

http://www.thespadog.com/ A spa in Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, and Los Angeles, CA.

http://www.spa4pets.com/ A spa in Los Gatos, CA.

http://acupuncture4pets.net/ A spa in Newbury Park, CA.

http://www.thebarkleypethotel.com/home.aspx A spa and hotel in Cleveland, Ohio and is coming soon to Westlake Village, CA  http://www.westlakepethotel.com/

http://theclub-beverlyhills.com/ A Doggy-Day care in Beverly Hills, CA.

http://www.cathotelburbank.com/ A cat hotel in Burbank, CA.

http://www.horsemotel.com/ A horse hotel/motel directory

http://petshotel.petsmart.com/ A hotel in CA, and other states. Click here for locations: http://petshotel.petsmart.com/locations/index.shtml

http://www.valleyveterinaryclinic.com/ A Veterinary Clinic in Simi Valley, CA.

http://www.americanvethospital.com/ A Veterinary Clinic in Simi Valley, CA.

http://www.holistic-vet-center.com/ A Veterinary Clinic in Calabasas, CA.

Animal Shelters

These are safe animal shelters you can adopt, donate, or voulenteer at these shelters! Also animal rescue groups! Feel free to copy these photos and post them somewhere else such as your own website to advertise these animal rescue groups.







Rescue Groups!

Rescue groups are great places. They help animals in need. Sometimes, the animal they rescue from some place was abused or sick so it's not alway the best place to adopt a pet.

BARK is a good rescue place. That's where I got Buddy. (learn more about Buddy at http://www.taylorspets.com/petsattheclubcare.htm) Again, he was sick and probably abused. That's might be why he was so attached to my mom and was afraid of me.   To learn more about BARK or B.A.R.K (Basic Alliance for the Rescue of K9s) go to www.petfinder.com or http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/CA626.html.   You can adopt dogs at Petsmart between 11:00 a.m and 3:00 p.m on Saturdays and Sundays in Simi Valley. To contact B.A.R.K, please call Jane, (805) 501-4201  or e-mail Barkk9rescue@yahoo.com.

Pink Paws is a good rescue. They are located at Petsmart. Their goal is to trap ferals for spay and netuer then release them or put them for adoption. http://www.pinkpawsrescueandadoption.org/

Rescue Me Incorporated takes in animals that no one will adopt such as a three legged dog, a senior animal who deaf and blind, or has no eyes at all. They also take in animals who may not have any problems but they just don't have a home. www.rescuemeinc.org

TLC (Tiny Loving Canines) are a rescue group who rescues small dogs such as Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes. I'm a volunteer there! TLC is a foster-based nonprofit rescue. TLC is a dog rescue that focuses on small dogs under 15 pounds. We primarily work off of the kill lists at seven local shelters. We go after the 'left behinds' and 'do overs', believing those dogs (and puppies) need an animal advocate, dedicated to saving their life!

Tiny Loving Canines needs tons of supplies! They are a non profit too and they have very little! Lets save these little ones by give them the supplies they need! www.taylorspets.com/ahelpingpaw.htm

Pet Supply places!!!

Don't forget the buisnesses that provide you with food and toys and other stuff to pamper your pet! Here are some pet stores... By the way.. you can copy these pictures too and post them on your website or blog or whatever... you can do that with all the pictures on here!!!






Breed Information

Places to find pets

www.petfinder.com  visit the web to see photos of dogs and other animals available for adoption in your area.

www.animalrescuesite.com visit the web to help animals. It's a proud sponser/partner of petfinder.  Also you can take the Shelter Challange. You can vote on your local shelters.

www.oodle.com visit the site to see adoptable pets.

http://losangeles.kijiji.com/ visit the site to see adoptable pets.  http://losangeles.kijiji.com/f-Pets-W0QQCatIdZ100112

Description: Find thousands of cute dogs and puppies looking for good
homes in the USA. Get various breeds of dogs, puppies for sale, dog
events, dog articles, dog news and dog gallery.

Extra Important People!!!

These are people that probably don't have anything to do with pets but other important stuff such as taking care of your house or even babysitting!!! 

Rachel has been my best friend for years. She does pet sitting, babysitting, house sitting, and she just opened her own bakery!!! Go support her!!


 Rachel and I at Christmas


My Uncle, Jim Cinney, has a band called "Three Rivers". He is a great supporter of Taylor's Pets. http://www.facebook.com/ThreeRiversBand or www.myspace.com/threeriverslickrock . 

Animated Graphics or just graphics

As you look at the pages of Taylor's Pets, you will see animated pictures. If you like them and want to see more, well you're in luck! Click on the button below to see cllipart, animated graphics, banners and more!!! Graphics come from a site called CatStuff.



Link to CatStuff

Business Merchandise

I want to thank Vistaprint for supplying me with business cards and a shirt I happened to make for Taylor's Pets. Vistaprint is a great business that sells office supplies and other personalized items to advertise your business or whatever you want. "Vistaprint offers small businesses everything they need to market their business. We offer high-quality printed marketing materials, promotional products and marketing services such as copywriting, design, websites and postcard mailing." ~ Vistaprint's About Us Page 


You can also make cool products at ink garden! It sells all these types of products, including office supplies.   www.inkgarden.com

I use Zazzle to create and type of bumber stickers or any other merchandise for a good price! Check it out! www.zazzle.com