Taylor's Pets Is The Best!!!

Hey! Throw a bone!

Hey! this is the part of the site where you can meet the members. If you joined and you don't see your pet on here, please e-mail me! My e-mails are on the homepage but here it is again. I recomend you to send to this e-mail than the other one. Thank you!  taylorspetsisthebest@yahoo.com or call (805) 304-3451

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Stuart, the most handsome kitty!

This is Stuart! He is one of the cats that made me make this website. Also I loved animals so much I want to help him. I love stuart so much! He's half main coon half tabby. He loves mini mice! Also feathers! We picked him at the Humane Society because when we talked to him, he purred his little heart out. Also he loves catnip sacks. No cat or kitten could ever replace him.

Rosey, our Golden Retriever

Rosey is our new puppy. She is a Golden Retriever who loves to chew chew chew!!! She's very cute and loves to take naps and annoy Stuart. She's loves the stuffed toys and rope toys. Here are some old and recent pictures of Rosey. The most recent one is the one where she is in the tree. My friend, Chad, took it. Isn't that a neat picture?

Learn more about Chad's photograph business at www.taylorspets.com/photography.htm or www.taylorspets.com/importantpplsponsers.htm


The Horses!!!

SADIE: My horse. She is a bay. She acts like a mule because she is goofy and stuborn. Even though she is awnry, I love her anyways. Hopefully I get to go on a trail ride soon! 

HOLLY: My Aunt's horse. She is taller then Sadie. But is always jealous of her little sister, Sadie. Why? Because Sadie is the baby and we all give her food for being so good. Don't worry Holly, we love you too!

EMMA: My other Aunt's Horse. She is one of my Aunt's first horse. She is very gentle but needs to take some medicine and that's why she is in a separate corral then Holly and Sadie.

Elvis is the dog!

Elvis is a papillion. He loves to play with Rosey. He loves to play fetch and tug-o-war.  For fetch... he never really gives you the ball... he fetches it but then runs around with it in his mouth. He is very sweet and loves to go on walks. He usually follows me up to the house sometimes and i have to chase him back down the street to his house.


Buddy was a springer spaniel mix.  Even though he looked like a border collie. He was a good dog. But we couldn't take care of him because he had worms and kennel cough. Then I got kennel cough. Thats why we don't take sick pets.  We're not vets... but we'll take them to a vet if they get sick. Buddy was only with us for 3 days. On January 7th would be the first aniversary when I got him. Then on the 10th of January.... is the aniversary.. when we gave him away.