Taylor's Pets Is The Best!!!

Post It and Let Everyone Know!!!

Hey! This is the post-it site! That means that what ever you see on here, you can post! Except for this. So here are some posters, buddy icons, Lost pet signs, Found pet signs, Needs for a good home pet signs/ pets for sale. The posters you can put around town! Tell everyone about this site. We really need this buisness to get booming!

So everyone get their printers ready to post some stuff around your neighborhood or house. Wallpaper available! Also, if you don't see any buddy icons but a picture you see and want to make it an icon, just save the picture to your pictures in your documents then go to www.franksicons.com and browse your photos to see the picture you wnt as your icon. So have fun!!! Be sure to place the posters on your site too!

The wallpaper/background on this site!

If you want the background on any other page, go on ahead!!! save it and make it your own! Who cares?!  Make sure you say it is mine.

Ad for you to put up around your neighborhood for this site!

Taylorís Pets Pet Care!!!

If you donít have time to walk your dog

Or spend time with your cat,

Call Taylorís Pets!  

Thereís grooming for dogs, walking dogs,

Playing with cats and dogs, finding cats and dogs homes,

and taking in stray cats if they are checked by a vet.

We will take in rodents, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and fish

and weíll find great homes for them! So not to worry!

Go to www.taylorspets.com

Or e-mail   taylorspetsisthebest@yahoo.com or

call (805) 304 3451 or (805) 527 8590

to make an appointment

or if you donít want your pet,

just give it to us to take care of.

We take care of pets 24/7!

We do not harass or kill animals.

Please visit our website, e-mail or call us!

Thank you lots!


Help animals banners

Banners!!! Finally they had come! You can put them on myspace and any other website!!!  If you post these banners on your site or profile, you can help get people to prevent animal cruelty and puppymills!!  Go to http://www.taylorspets.com/animalsaroundtheworld.htm to learn more about it.

How to get the banners!!  right click your mouse on the picture. then save it to your doctuments(your pictures). (you don't have to give the file a name.) then if you want a code to put it on myspace... create an account on www.photobucket.com and then upload it on there. get the html code...not the others... it is the box with the letters 2nd last..so it would be the 3rd box down under the picture on photobucket. I'll post icons of it too. But now they have a new uploader. if you want, you can use that one but you can only upload one picture at a time. If you want to switch back to the old uploader, below the new uploader it says "Which is faster? Bulk or Old uploader?" click old uploader.

If you want to make your own banner like this.... go to www.mybannermaker.com






These are from the humane society. http://www.stoppuppymills.org/add_a_banner_to_your_web_page.html

     adopt.jpg adopt image by PunkiePenguin86

Taylor's Pets Logos

Taylor's Pets logos are usable in all situations. For all kinds of cool stuff! You can use them as icons on Myspace or AIM Icons. Also, you can use them as backgrounds or anyother stuff you can think of! You can also customate your own M&Ms with the business logo on them to advertise Taylor's Pets! (for uploading the logo, choose the black and white one or else it would look weird on the M&M).

Go to www.photobucket.com to upload the logos, go to www.franksicons.com/ to make any type of icons, go to www.mms.com/us to make M&Ms or create a M&M character. Click here to go directily to the personal M&M maker... http://www.mymms.com/

Here are the logos...     

Animated Graphics

You probably seen some animated graphics on the site. We put them there to make the site look cooler, more interesting. The site that we got most of them from is called CatStuff. Click on the icon below to see all the clipart, animations, banners, and more!!!

Link to CatStuff