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This is the page where you can learn the dangers and the cruel things that can happen to your pets; to the animals around the world. You can also help people too. Sometimes by helping people, you can help animals. Sometimes by helping animals, you can help people.                    

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If you need help avoiding puppy mills or need help training your dog? Be calm and assertive and go to http://www.cesarmillaninc.com/ !!!

Be kind to animals Cats have rights too         

Click Here to go Heifer International on this page: Heifer International

Or just go to www.heifer.org

Adopting and Giving them away

A lot of people give animals away because they can't take care of them. That's ok.  But there are things that aren't ok... some people can't take care of the pets so they (rarely) throw them away in trash cans. Or they and skin them for coats.  That's not ok!! What better people do.. is that they take the pets to the pound and put them up for adoption. But after 6 weeks, the pound can't take care of them anymore. So they have to put them to sleep. 

The right thing to do is to take them to your local Humane Society. We got our cat from the Humane Society of Ventura County. He was the best thing that ever happened to us. But we got a dog from Petsmart that was rescued from the pound and it was scared of everything so we gave him back to the person who rescued him. that's ok. Because we knew that she took care of pets and rescues them from pounds or other cruel places.


Go to your local Humane Society today to see if you can adopt a pet and give them a loving home.

Stop animal cruelty!!!

Puppy mills nightmare!

Puppy mills are worst then the pound. When you go to the pet store and see all those puppies in that plastic window... those puppies probably came from puppy mills. Petsmart has adoptions for cats and dogs on Saturdays and Sundays and those dogs come from anywhere. Mostly from pounds... but where do they come from? Dogs who are bred by professinal breeders and are well taken care of... they live longer and are healthier.

Puppy mills force female dogs to breed and have puppies. Then they put the puppies in cages after 7 weeks (that is not enough weeks...they need one more week with their mom) and put them in small cages. They could get in fights and their legs could get cut and the dog could either get sick because the dog is  not healed or there is too many dogs in that small cage. When a puppy is sick, it will get the other dogs sick. They sometimes get diseases and die or have really bad health problems.

Go to http://www.prisonersofgreed.org/Commercial-kennel-facts.html  for more facts, pictures, and other stuff you might want to know about puppy mills.

LINKS:  http://stoppuppymills.org/            http://www.geocities.com/lorayen/PuppyMills.html              http://www.thepoppyfoundation.org/Puppy%20Mill.htm

KID LINK AND ADULT TOO:  http://filebox.vt.edu/users/kgaeding/puppy/puppymills.html



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Please post this banner anywhere you can think of to help everyone, not just us, stop puppy mills. To learn more about banners... go to this page on this website... http://www.taylorspets.com/posterslostpetsetc.htm

The last 2 banners are from the humane society site. http://www.humanesociety.org/issues/campaigns/stop_puppy_mills/  (sign the pledge at that site)

adopt.jpg adopt image by PunkiePenguin86    

How to avoid puppy mills by Ceasar Millan

Puppy mills can be a danger for families that want to adopt a new dog. A puppy mill is a breeding facility with the sole purpose of churning out the most dogs for the least money - and to make the most profit. Substandard breeding conditions and inbreeding can lead to health and behavioral problems in the puppies bred there. Since the 1980s, the Humane Society of the United States has been fighting to shut down these facilities. You can do your part by making sure to research before you adopt and by keeping yourself informed! Here are some tips to avoid adopting from a puppy mill:

Avoid: Pet stores, newspaper or journal ads, and great deals on the internet! Many puppy mills supply local pet stores, and ads in newspapers or on websites can easily falsify information. Remember Bandit from Season 2? His website said that he was from a licensed breeder, but he turned out to be the product of a puppy mill, costing his new family thousands of dollars in vet bills and heartache over his life-threatening health and behavioral problems.

Visit the breeder and ask questions! Ask to see the entire facility where the dogs are bred and kept. Is it clean? Spacious enough? Ask to see the parent dogs as well. Does the breeder show hesitation to let you see the facility or to let you meet the other dogs who are being kept there? Or is the breeder willing to just sell one of his puppies to anyone who walks in off the street, sight unseen? Reputable breeders will want to make sure their puppies are going to good homes. Beware of all these red flags.

Adopt from a shelter or rescue instead! This is the simplest solution. Rescues and shelters most often have the best interest of the animal at heart, and many of them are last chance adoptions. Remember: don't feel sorry! Adopt based on your energy level and compatibility!


China is the center of animal cruelty.   They drown cats...hang pets....steal so they can sell their fur and eat.....We need to stop animal cruelty in China. We need to speak for the billions of dogs and cats who are getting ed right now.  We need to help. We are the only ones that can do this. Animals get stabbed into cages and get thrown off large trucks, crushed by cars. If you are chinese.... we want you to come join us...on our side... to help stop animal cruelty. Everyone needs to help.

Go to these websites to help:  www.voice4dogs.com/

This site is an article that talks about stray cats and dogs in China. Two pregnant cats were beaten to death by Kindergarten teachers while the children watched in curiousity. The teachers did not want diseases spread to the kids.




Animal Testing

Animal testing has been going on for a long time. Luckily, animal testing has decreased but not enough. There are so many countries including the U.S.A that and defenseless animals. Its horrible. The pictures on the websites I see are so sad. I cry for them. I just want to go to the labatories and save all the animals! How can people be so cruel and not have a heart? How would you like it if we stick needle in your eyes? To find more about animal testing, click on the links below.




Pit Bulls and Rottweilers!

Hey Everyone! Have you heard of Pit Bulls and Rottweilers attacking people? Or even another dangerous breed of dog? Well, some of those stories are true, some are just stories. People are not breeding Pit Bulls and other know dangerous dog breeds because of the stories and their aggression. Well, they can get very violent and aggresive; but you need to treat it with love and affection and train it well with kindness. Then they won't be mean. Don't hate the breed, hate the trainer. My friend has a type of Pit Bull, and he is really sweet.

~Be the Leader of the Pack~ -Ceasar Millan; The Dog Whisperer

BSL Sucks!

BSL means Breed Specific Legislations. It means that comes in many forms, from extra insurance policies and special licenses, to outright bans of particular breeds. It usually comes about after a critical or fatal dog attack. It generally targets a small set of dog breeds. It attempts to curb dog bites and dog attacks by implementing policies focused specifically on those breeds. Some of those breeds are Pitbulls, Bull terriers, Rottweilers, and other known dangerous dog breed.

To learn more about these stupid laws and all.... go to http://www.stopbsl.com/    Remember.... BSL Sucks! You may use all the pictures below or in the pharagraph above this. Go to http://www.taylorspets.com/posterslostpetsetc.htm  for find more stuff you can post on a website such as myspace, facebook, xanga, Hi5, or even another freewebs! Remember to not support BSL unless it means Ban Stupid Laws!!!


  pitbull87.jpgBreed specific legislation- How long until they get your breed?


Great Book!

A shivering wet bundle, Cash arrives in the life of twelve-year-old Mackenzie. And from that moment boy and dog share a love neither has ever known before.

But when Cash is kicked out by Mackenzie’s father, she finds herself lost and alone in a cruel world.

Will she ever find her boy again?

This book is truely an amazing story. It is about BSL and some dogfighting. Dogfighting is illegal because it is animal cruelty and we want to stop animal cruelty. This is a great book, great for kids 9-13 but I highly suggest that it is 10-and up. It has some drunk kids in there so.... we don't want to give kids an ok to drink on a train track and think they'll be alive. You can get this book at Borders or Barnes & Noble or anyother bookstore or where ever they sell books like Target for example. I highly suggest it.


More Great books at http://www.taylorspets.com/funstuffforeveryone.htm!!!

Beyond the Myth


Unfairly known as violent killers, Pit Bulls have suffered from the stigma of negative media coverage that has lead to city-wide bans across the country. This breed-specific legislation has torn pets away from families, and killed thousands of innocent dogs in cities like Denver, Miami, Cincinnati, and San Francisco.

The film investigates the myths associated with these breeds, challenges the idea that they are inherently vicious, and presents eye-opening research regarding the media’s role in influencing people’s opinion on dog attacks.

Stripping away the preconceptions to show the loving companions they can be, Beyond the Myth is an important, must see film for all dog lovers.

Pit Boss

Shorty's Rescue is a small and busy organization of pit bull owners, rescuers, and supporters. Shorty Rossi created Shorty's Rescue starting in 2001 when he rescued Geisha out of the Los Angeles Animal Shelter. Since then he has never looked back. Shorty has owned Pit Bulls since the mid-80's and has found that this breed is as misunderstood as he is.

Pit Boss on Animal Planet

Former actor, entertainment guru and pit bull rescuer Shorty Rossi has lofty ideals, a tough attitude and an entertainment industry Rolodex to help his cause. And he's gathered together three friends/employees; Ronald, Ashley and Sebastian, to take on the gargantuan task of rescuing, rehabbing and training the most misunderstood of dogs — pit bulls.

(Information from http://www.shortywood.com/pitrescue.htm)

You can now purschase Shorty's book, Four Feet Tall & Rising!!! Go to your local bookstore today! Support Shorty's Charities!


The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is an organization that helps wild animals. They protect endangered animals such as Polar Bears, Snow Lepoards, and other cute animals.

If you want to help, go to www.worldwildlifefund.org . If you want, you can adopt an animal that is on the list of animals you can adopt. No.... it's not that kind of adoption! You don't take it home. When you pay the WWF the money to adopt the animal, the money goes to protect that animal.

You can also help the WWF by going to Build-A-Bear and making an animal such as a lepoard, cheetah, zebra, and other animals. Look for the necklace around the animals neck that has the WWF logo (a panda) and the words, WWF underneath. When you buy the animal, $1.00 goes to the World Wildlife Fund!

The Logo: