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This page is not a web store. We are just advertising some of the awesome products that you can use to make your pet happy and healthy! These are just recommendations. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions on the products. I will put the website url next to the item so you can read more about it.

The products you will find on this page you can also find the url on www.taylorspets.com/importantpplsponsers.htm  under the online store pharagraph.


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Bed Head for Pets?

Yes! There is a new product made by BedHead that is called PetHead.  There is many products of PetHead. Detanglers, shampoo, conditioner; all for dogs! They sell these products online and at Petsmart.

They also sell clothes and accessories for your pooch.  Go to http://www.petheadshop.com/

They now make these products for cats!

much more grooming products that they sell than shown.


Now they sell cat Pet Head!! Buy them now at www.petsmart.com/! or go here! http://www.petsmart.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=2768978&lmdn=Brand&f=PAD%2FBrands%2FPet+Head&fbc=1&fbn=Brands%7CPet+Head

Pet Head Pretty Kitty Shed Control Cat Wipes - PetSmartPet Head Come Clean Body & Paw Wipes - PetSmartPet Head Pretty Kitty Strawberry Yogurt Detangling Spray - PetSmartThese are just some products.

Rawhide and other chewing items

Rawhide is not good for your dogs. Your dogs can chew off bits of rawhide and swallow them. Most of them will pass thru them but some dogs bite off big pieces and swallow them and can choke. Please do not give rawhide to your dogs.

Instead of rawhide, you can give your dog other chewing items that are from animals such as bully sticks, hooves, or knuckles. Knuckles, or whatever they are called, are sort of like rawhide but it is a bone and it is easy to digest. Bully sticks are made from the skin of a bull's penis. I know, gross right? Hooves, they are the hooves of a cow or other animal. Dogs love to chew on things. Also, by giving them these recommended chew items, they won't destroy your house because they have something to keep the occupied!

 Hooves     Bully Sticks    "Knuckle" Redbarn Peanut Butter Filled Knuckle Bone - PetSmart


Nylabones are a great chew toy. They come in different shapes, sizes, texture, and flavors. They can be edible or just for chewing on. My dog loves the Nylabone Wishbone even though I think they are discontinued. You can get the wishbone style at www.dog.com. For more Nylabone information go to http://www.nylabone.com/

Cat products you must have!

These products are great for your new cat/kitten! Or even one that you already have! Make your cat a happy cat! Also, please get a litterbox for your cat! Tip: The deeper the bowl, the less yo have to fill it up and the less easier it is for your cat to tip it over or move it.  You can get any toy, bed, grooming supply, treats, cat food, or any cat product you want. These are just recommendations. www.drsfostersmith.com/  and www.petsmart.com/

Kitty Sill Kitty sill  Drs. Foster & Smith Cozy Cushion<sup>®</sup> for Cats Cozy Cushion for Cats  Star Chaser Cat Toy Star Chaser     Whisker City® Fish Ceramic Cat Dish - PetSmart ceramic bowl 

    Safe Cat Safe Cat Nylon Adjustable Breakaway Collar - 3/8 Safe Cat collars (break away)

Groomax® Cat Slicker Brush - PetSmart Cat Slicker Brush   ExquisiCat® Litter Pans - PetSmart Litter Box


Dog Products You Must Have!

These products are great for your new dog/puppy! Or even one that you already have! Make your dog a happy dog! You can get any toy, bed, grooming supply, treats, cat food, or any cat product you want. These are just recommendations. www.drsfostersmith.com/  and www.petsmart.com/

Tip: If you do crate training, be sure you get a divider for the crate. Get a big one then get the divider so you make it small enough for the puppy's bed and for it to sprawl out and stuff but not enough to make it go pee. Dogs/Puppies don't go to the bathroom where they sleep unless they really have to go but if the crate is big enough then they go to the far end and go to the bathroom away from the sleep spot. As the puppy gets bigger then you can move the divider back in the crate to give the puppy more room. Then after it's potty trained you can take the divider away and once you're completely sure it won't pee in the house and it knows how to ask to go outside to go potty, then you can take the crate away altogether. 

A crate (if you're doing crate training)Midwest Life Stages Training and Travel Crates - 1600 Series - PetSmart Divider Divider Panels for Midwest Folding Crates - PetSmart

Stainless Steel Bowls Top Paw® Stainless Steel Non-Skid Embossed Dog Bowls - PetSmart Frontline Plus FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs - 6pk - PetSmart 

Wired Pin Brush (comfort tips recommended)Miracle Coat Brush with Wire Pins - PetSmart Combs Top Paw™ Combs - PetSmart Gate with cat door(but puppies can get through)Extra-Wide Metal Walk Through Pet Gate and Extensions - PetSmart KongClassic KONG Dog Toys for Average Chewers - PetSmart Nylabone teething rings(for puppies) Nylabone Large Puppy Teething Keys - PetSmart PetStages Orka chewing toys Petstages Orka Stick Chew Toy - PetSmart Bitter Apple (to stop dogs chewing on stuff.) Warning: Dogs may like it. (my dog did)Grannick's Bitter Apple Spray - PetSmart


Dog Food

These are dog foods that were recommended by breeders, trainers, and dog owners. For a dog food tutorial, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wuDi0ZR7e0. The video might be replaced with another soon.

We feed Rosey, our Golden Retriever, Eagle Pack. When she got tired of it, we switched to Kahoots. When we first got her, we fed her the puppy food from Eagle Pack which is the yellow bag. Then we switched to the Adult food which is a golden bag. The breeder in which we got Rosey from said that puppy food can interfere with the puppy's growth. She said that adult food is better. But don't give the puppy adult food right away because the puppy's body can't take it yet. After the first bag of puppy food is gone, switch to the adult food. Then we switched to Kahoots. Kahoots was recommended by my aunt who owns two labradors named Henry and Lizzy. Rosey gets a spoonful of Beneful preparted meals for a treat. This was recommended by the breeder to give the puppy some fat. We still use it because without it, Rosey, the spoiled little girl, won't eat her breakfast and supper. We only use the ones that have chicken in them because beef makes her tummy weird. When she was a puppy, we gave her a spoonful of yogurt to help with yeast infections and a healthy coat. Get the plain, low fat, or fat free yogurt....not the flavorable ones. You may still give your dog yogurt after the puppy stage. Oh and don't worry, we make sure Rosey gets lots of excrise everyday to burn off those calories!

Tip: When going to give your dog or cat another type of food, mix it into the food that they have been giving to so that they will get used to the change and their tummy will agree too.

http://www.eaglepack.com/       http://www.beneful.com/        http://www.mountainhighyoghurt.com/    http://www.mountainhighyoghurt.com/healthbenefits/petcare.html


Treats for Dogs & Cats!

For Dogs:

Claudia's Canine Cuisine Party Bones Tub - PetSmartClaudia's Canine Cuisine  Extra Tasty Dog Biscuits by Old Mother Hubbard - PetSmart Old Mother Hubbard (trusted brand) Nutro Natural Choice Training Bits - PetSmartNutro Natural Choice Training Bits  Pet Botanics Rolled Meat - PetSmart Pet Botanics rolled meat  Pedigree Breath Buster Biscuits for Dogs - PetSmartPedigree Breath Buster Milk-Bone Dog Biscuits - PetSmartMilkbone Drs. Foster & Smith Healthy Snax® Sweet Potato Dog TreatsHealthy Snax Sweet Potato treats Chicken Breast Jerky Dogswell chicken breasts


For Cats:

Whisker Lickin's Tender Moments Cat Treats - PetSmartWhisker Lickin's  Friskies Crunchy Tartar Control Indoor Cat Treats - PetSmart Friskies Meow Mix Moist Cat Treats - PetSmartMeow Mix Pounce Tartar Control Cat Treats - PetSmartPounce Tartar Control Defurr-Um Hairball Remedy Defurr-um Hairball Remedy treats


Tips: Don't over feed your pet treats. If your pet starts throwing up or having dirreheah then stop feed them the treats. If it does not stop, then get an appointment for the vet or try another brand of food. If that doesn't work then defiantly go to the vet!

Links: www.petsmart.com  www.drsfostersmith.com  www.dogswell.com https://store.petsenseoutlet.com/dog/treats/claudia-s-canine-cuisine 

P.S If you were wondering if I have ever gaven these treats to my dog or cat then yes I have. I won't put anything on here if I don't know what it is and I haven't tried it yet.



Some recommended products for horses. The difference between soft brushes and stiff brushes is the texture of the brushels of the brush. If you brush your arm with the stiff brush, it feels rough. If you brush your arm with the soft brush, it's soft and smooth.


Jolly BallJolly Ball For Horses Jolly Stall Snack ComboLikit Holder

Mane 'N Tail products         Theresha's Pets brushes 

Stiff Brush   Soft Brush for tender areas such as face and the back of the ear  Shedding blade     Manna Pro Apple Wafers


KittyCity playground! Plus SmaryKat!

Buy stuff at Target and build a fort for your cat! KittyCity and SmartyKat can help!

If you go to http://www.worldwise.com/smartykat1.html you can get all kinds of cool stuff for your feline! Also, you can just go to www.target.com/ or go to a store and get your own SmartyKat stuff! You can buy things for a fort but Does Not go together with the KittyCity fort! You can make your own fort using both brands of products but they won't connect.

Also, you can get KittyCity stuff at Target too!  Or go to http://www.kittycityusa.com/! (You can only buy KittyCity stuff at www.target.com/)

Do you want to build this for your kitty?Kitty City Big Structure

Then get all the KittyCity stuff now! You can make a whole jungle gym for your cat! I know what I'm gonna get when I get more cats! Things that you can buy:

Beyond the Myth


Unfairly known as violent killers, Pit Bulls have suffered from the stigma of negative media coverage that has lead to city-wide bans across the country. This breed-specific legislation has torn pets away from families, and killed thousands of innocent dogs in cities like Denver, Miami, Cincinnati, and San Francisco.

The film investigates the myths associated with these breeds, challenges the idea that they are inherently vicious, and presents eye-opening research regarding the media’s role in influencing people’s opinion on dog attacks.

Stripping away the preconceptions to show the loving companions they can be, Beyond the Myth is an important, must see film for all dog lovers.