Taylor's Pets Is The Best!!!

Are you ready to adopt a pet?

Are you here to adopt a pet or look for the perfect companion? Well, you've come to the right place! Taylor's Pets has a great care place for animals and so the people who donated or even a stray on the corner of a street, are very well taken care of. A lot of the animals are Amphibians, Birds, Fish, Reptiles, and Rodents because no one wants to give up their cats and dogs.

If you want to donate a pet... you've also come to the right page. I apologize but we can no longer take animals in unless they are NOT a cat, dog, or horse. We can take smaller animals.

If you were to donate your pet to Taylor's Pets, please do the following:

  • Have them get their yearly shots and get checked by the vet
  • Bring their favorite toy so they won't always feel so alone
  • Make sure they are healthy 100%
  • Bring the food that they eat so that I can buy more of the type so the animal won't get sick or starved
  • If it's an animal besides a cat or dog, please leave it in its habitiat
  • If it is a cat, dog, horse, or other large animal, please try and find a home for it by placing ads or asking friends and co workers. If you still cannot find a home, try looking for a local rescue group. If that doesn't work, take them to your local Humane Society or a no kill animal shelter.

If it is a stray that you found, please make sure you:

  • Have it get its shots and get checked by a vet
  • Make sure they are healthy 100%
  • If it's an animal besides a cat or dog, please buy a cage for it... look at the page, http://www.taylorspets.com/otherpets.htm for more information on cages and stuff
  • Tell me where you found it so that I could make a found pet sign or you can do that yourself.
  • Please take it to your local rescue group, Humane Society or animal shelter. Please take it to a no kill shelter if you can.


When you adopt a pet, you'll have to fill out a page that you'll have to fill out with your information and other stuff. Its just for saftey.


Donating Animals

Do you have a pet you can't keep anymore or you found an animal and don't know where to take it?  Taylor's Pets is offering great animal care for animals that cannot be kept anymore. I have gotten this idea from a newspaper article about the Ventura County Humane Society in Ojai about a woman who had to move out of state because of bad economy and couldn't live here anymore. She left a note and a box with a 8yr. old mama cat and her 5 black kittens. Shadow, the mama cat, was not spayed so that's one of the other reasons why the woman couldn't keep them, she couldn't afford cat food and the vet bills for the cats. She didn't have enough money to get Shadow spayed. I wanted to be helpful too. Since the economy is bad and people can't keep their pets anymore, I want to take them in and take care of them.

If you have a pet and can't keep it anymore, just give the animal and I'll take good care of it. If you don't live around here in Simi Valley locally, I suggest that you go to your local humane society or animal shelter. Before you give the animal to just any animal shelter, make sure that the people there will treat it nicely. Taylor's Pets is accepting healthy animals that don't show any sign of aggressiveness. We will keep them until we find the a loving home. We don't abuse animals or torment them. If we cannot take care of them any longer, we promise to give them to the Ventura County Humane Society in Ojai. They take very good care of animals.

So please don't abandon your pets because you can't take care of them. Give them to me or your local humane society where they can get a loving home. Thank you!

Pet Finder


PetFinder is a great place to find your new best friend! It also find local shelters and rescues near you! PetFinders also provides you with information on all of your pet needs and more!


How many pets available?

I am sorry but there is only 0 pets available at the time. check monthly to see if we got pets in.


Pink Paws!!

I'm sorry to inform you but Kitty Moon Catchers has been closed. You can still visit Petsmart for cat and kitten adoptions from Pink Paws.  http://www.pinkpawsrescueandadoption.org/

Artistry Goldens!

This is a breeder that breeds Golden Retrievers! She is the best one in Simi Valley! I'm got Rosey from her. The Breeder is named Rebecca Scribner and she is so nice and well educated about Goldens.

Contact Info: (805) 368-1873   goldenpuppy@sbcglobal.net  www.goldenretrieverpuppy.com 

These are the mom and dad of the litter. This is Gwen's first litter. Gwen = mom       Elmo= dad

Gwen:  Elmo:

Puppies! they are almost 7 weeks or something like that in these pictures.


go to www.taylorspets.com/petsattheclubcare.htm to view pictures of Rosey!



The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is an organization that helps wild animals. They protect endangered animals such as Polar Bears, Snow Lepoards, and other cute animals.

If you want to help, go to www.worldwildlifefund.org . If you want, you can adopt an animal that is on the list of animals you can adopt. No.... it's not that kind of adoption! You don't take it home. When you pay the WWF the money to adopt the animal, the money goes to protect that animal.

You can also help the WWF by going to Build-A-Bear and making an animal such as a lepoard, cheetah, zebra, and other animals. Look for the necklace around the animals neck that has the WWF logo (a panda) and the words, WWF underneath. When you buy the animal, $1.00 goes to the World Wildlife Fund!