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Photographic Welcome!

You probably read on the Activities at the Care we do photography. We do not have a studio but I will say we take gorgeous pictures and take them like a professinal!

We are waiting to get more pictures to post on the site but here are some so far...

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Picture Perfect!

If you want me to take a picture or pictures of your pet, don't be afraid to ask. I love taking pictures of my pets. I do not have a studio but I could make some small backgrounds and hang sheets up for backgrounds. If you have a sheet or other type of background, please tell me so I can use it. But if you don't want me to use it... that's just fine too.

I can also take pictures and will print them out for you. If you want photo on paper from the computer.... tell me or i'll just print it from a special printer that just prints pictures.

You can get your pictures from the Special Printer For Pictures in different sizes. You can have a 1 photo per page, 2 photos per page, or 4 photos per page.

EXTRA:  If you want me to walk your dog to the park and take a picture there, just tell me. Or I could do it at your house. Thank you!

We now can go to Target and get your picture developed there and printed in all different photo styles or put a border around it! I can now edit photos on Picasa! Want better editing? We now have Adobe Photoshop Elements 7!!

If you want me to add a heart to your picture or something, that can be done! To decorate your own picture with coolness, go to www.blingee.com/ or http://imikimi.com/  to go to an awesome picture editing site go to www.picnik.com/www.fotoflexer.com/, or just go to www.google.com/ and search photo editing or professinal photo editing free online. You can also go to http://picasa.google.com/ and download Picasa, a free photo editing studio for your computer. It's awesome! Adobe Photoshop costs money but it works so well! 

Background and other Pictures

The Background Picture of the sand and ocean are taken on the Island of Hawaii. All pictures are taken by me. So don't steal them and say you took the picture of it; you're the photographer. No..don't do that! They are Copywrited!

Thank you!

But feel free to make them your wallpaper or screensaver on your computer or AIM or MSN or Myspace icon. Just don't say that you took it.

Sunny photos

These photos are of sunsets or sunrises.


These pictures were taken 11/14/10.   

These pictures were taken 12/9/10    

These were taken in Hawaii:

Soaring High

These are pictures of  the sky. Enjoy.

this one was taken in Hawaii

Tall, small, snowy moutains!!!

Moutains pictures.

Airplanes pictures!

I know what you're thinking.... why is she taking pictures of airplanes?  Well, I like to take pictures of sunsets and cool clouds up in the air so we can get a better view. Here's some sunset pictures. I took these pictures while flying back from Maui.

These are some pictures of Los Angeles at night. I took them coming from Maui.





Smoke pictures

These pictures are of a fire near Los Angeles. The smoke looked so cool so I just had to take a picture. The first one is from my window, so you can see the shutters' reflection. The second and third is taken from the backyard.

These pictures are taken from my backyard and the smoke is from a fire near los angeles.


October 1, 2010

I took a lot of pictures today so I decided to put this up in a new catagory. I love taking pictures.


Even in the most tangled of tumbleweeds, you'll always find a wildflower. ~Taylor Williamson~




Golf Courses/Fields/Canyons or just Simi Valley!!!

Golf Courses, canyons and fields are very common in the Simi Valley area. Since I live near the Lost Canyons Golf Course, I went there with my friend and took some pictures. If you want to see a video of my friend and I at the golf course, go to www.youtube.com/taylorandcortney and click on the Wash Expedition Golf Course. There are different parts to it.

The first one is of White Face, a big mountain that oversees Simi Valley. Someday, I want to hike up there and see Simi Valley...that would be so cool! I took the picture when I was upon a hill at Lost Canyons. The sun was going down so I took the picture at the right time when the sun was at the right angle on the mountain. The 2 other pictures are of the Lost Canyons Golf Course. The 2nd picture you can see White Face in the distance. Enjoy!

These pictures were taken from a water tower above where I live. Yes, I took these pictures. These pictures are overlooking the area...Simi Valley or Lost Canyon Golf Course.

These pictures are taken from some hill by the golf course and it over looks Simi Valley or Lost Canyon Golf Course or White Face.

October 19, 2010

I went to the water tower above my house and hiked up a little trail. I wanted to take these beautiful pictures of White Face and the golf course and other things before they become infested with houses.


The Amazing Tree Place

I go here to escape from my troubles even though it freaks me out and you never know what's around the corner. Sadly, this will be gone like the golf course. Let's hope and pray that this will remain the same. The first two pictures are over looks of the place from a hill very high up. These pictures are when I first discovered it on a hike with a friend. The third one is one of my favorite. The one of the trees is my favorite. The 2nd tree one, I actually drew on a poster board free hand. The 3rd tree one is what the tree looks like as if you were walking towards it. The 6th picture is the entrance to the acutal trees from a meadow. The 9th one is the exit from the tree place to the meadow. I just noticed this in the picture with the yellow flower in it that if you look very closely, in the background is White Face. The 15th photo is a deer footprint. The 17th photo is on top of a hill over lookin the meadow and if you look closely on the left side, there are the trees. The last photo is a an area where it looks like a river empties into this. It's dry now.

Rocky Peak

PhoDOGraphy By Michael

Michael Andrews Photography