Taylor's Pets Is The Best!!!

Welcome to Taylor's Pets' Animal Rescue!

I'm sorry to inform you that Taylor's Pets' Animal Rescue as been temporarily shut down. Thank you for your paitence and understanding. If you have any concerns or questions please contact me.

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Taylor's Pets' Animal Rescue is a humane rescue group like the humane society. Taylor's Animal Rescue is a new rescue group that offers dog/puppy training, grooming, some vet care, and finding new homes when the animals are adoptable. We take in feral and stray cats and stray dogs. Also, we can take in ferrets, birds, bunnies, hamsters, guinea pigs, and horses. We can't nescessarly keep them at the house unless they are a cat, ferret, bunny, hamster, or guinea pigs, or birds. Dogs and horses will be kept someplace else where it is safe. For the horses, please make sure they are not wild horses. Please make sure they are a pet that is well trained or a pony. I will train it and keep it as my own horse. Hopefully Sadie (my horse) and the new horse will get along.

If you do not want your pet or can no longer take care of it, give it to us or your local humane society! Do not give it to a pound because they will put it down. Thank you!

Email: taylorspetsisthebest@yahoo.com

Cell Phone: (805) 304-3451     you can text me or call me...it doesn't matter.

Purpose of Taylor's Animal Rescue

The purpose of Taylor's Pets' Animal Rescue is to humanely capture or recieve stray animals and take them to the vet to get them healthy with vaccinations, dewormed, and treated for any sickness, and spayed/netured. We also give them baths and brush them to keep their coats clean. Either that or we take them to the groomers. Then we do everything we can to give them a new home! Either that or I keep them as my own pet. 


Adoption and Donations

Adoption at the Ventura County Humane Society is about $90. But here at Taylor's Pets' Animal Rescue, we only charge $15.

Adoption fee = $15

Donations are accepted!!! Anything helps...such as blankets, cat trees, cat toys, dog toys, cages, anything! Petsmart gift cards will be great and even just cash or a check! We do not take credit or debit cards.

To find animals for adoption, please go to www.taylorspets.com/petsforadoption.htm

To learn more about what you can donate to help Taylor's Pets, go to www.taylorspets.com/ahelpingpaw.htm

How you can help

To make our lives easier, when you find a stray animal, call us, then if you can catch it, take it to the vet to get it spayed/netured or have it get it's shots or both! If you do not want to do that, then you can give us a donation so we can pay for the veterinary bills. Thank you!   This is optional you do not have to do this.

If you can donate humane cages that trap animals, that would be a huge help. There are so many ferals and stray animals that there are not enough people to go and help them. If you donate a humane trap, big or small, that would be so helpful. Thank you.

Also donating items such as cat food, dog food, or any other pet food and toys...you can also help Taylor's Pets. To learn more about donating items go to www.taylorspets.com/ahelpingpaw.htm/