Taylor's Pets Is The Best!!!


This is the page where you can see what other services I do.. I do tutoring, babysitting, housesitting, and of course, petsitting!

Go to www.sittercity.com and search Taylorspets  or type in Simi Valley, CA and the zip code is 93065 and look for the Taylor's Pets' logo!

Mary Kay!

I am a new Mary Kay consultant and would love for you to learn more about Mary Kay. Mary Kay is a cosmetics business which makes exclusive products for women from their teens to their late 60's!
If you host a party, you can earn up to 50% off all products plus a free product!

Please choose me as your local Mary Kay Consultant today!

Babysitting Services!

My babysitting services are just like any other babysitting services. I am red cross trained for sitting and am very kind and caring person.

I love caring for people and animals. I love helping others and doing community service with my Girl Scout troop. You can contact me the same way you contact me for Taylor's Pets.


I also do housesitting. Some of you may ask, 'What is housesitting?'.  Housesitting is doing yard work, putting out the trash, cleaning, watering plants, setting alarm systems, etc..

Of course, I will take care of pets! I can housesit while I petsit too!

P.S-   I do not stay in houses overnight!!! I just come and do whatever (read above) and leave and come back later or the next day, whatever you perfer.

Guitar Lessons!!

Yes, I do teach guitar! I teach them the basics such as chords, scales, and more! I am currently learning bass, ukulele, and piano.